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Gayle McLaughlin
for City Council
Jovanka Beckles
for City Council
Eduardo Martinez
for City Council

Together, we are building a Better Richmond

We are safer.

Homicides are down 66% since 2007. Crime is lower overall. Crime against properties is down.
More police, more community involvement, better policing.

Our city is more livable.

More parks, more library hours, more bicycle paths, more community gardens.

New jobs are arriving. Unemployment is down.

From 2007-2013, over 2,600 new businesses started in Richmond, creating 7,773 new jobs.
Five years ago, unemployment was 15.1%, and now it’s down to 10.5% [March 2014].

Richmond outshines other cities.

The University of California chose Richmond over twenty other cities to build a new second campus for
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, a billion-dollar development.

We negotiate from community strength.

Richmond achieved an unprecedented $114 million revenue agreement from Chevron through community mobilization, ballot initiatives, pressure and negotiations. We are holding Chevron responsible, in court, for long term cumulative damages done to the community and from the August 2012 refinery fire.

Richmond pays a higher minimum wage.

The minimum hourly wage for all workers in Richmond was raised to $13.00, the highest in the Bay Area, with a phasing-in period and annual adjustable cost-of-living increases.

We preserve our resources.

In a victory for healthy development, we defeated Casino Point Molate. We are confronting blight and neighborhood destabilization with the CARES program. Many streets and roads have improved. We balanced our budgets without layoffs. When the school district threatened to close local schools, we kept them open.


August 8th Announcement

Mike Parker Withdraws from Mayoral Race

After five months of vigorous campaigning for the office of Richmond Mayor, I am withdrawing from the race. A few days before the final filing deadline, I learned that Tom Butt had decided to enter the race.

My supporters and I determined that in this race the progressive vote would likely be split. We decided my time is better spent campaigning for our team of progressive candidates for the Richmond City Council, Jovanka Beckles, Eduardo Martinez, and Gayle McLaughlin.

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