5 Lies from Chevron

Reprinted from the election edition of the Richmond Sun (1.2 MB PDF).

Mayor McLaughlin
has been
traveling the world
  • In eight years, Gayle has been out of the country 22 days out of 2,290.
  • Nat Bates has traveled far more often.
Eduardo is an anarchist & terrorist who’s deep in debt
  • Ludicrous. Chevron stole Halloween pictures from Eduardo’s Facebook page.
  • The $202,000 “debt” is his mortgage, which he pays regularly.
Jovanka & Eduardo have had bad attendance
  • In the last year Chevron’s candidate for mayor, Nat Bates, missed five council meetings. Jovanka missed none.1
  • Eduardo has missed no meetings of the Planning Commission since he was appointed 15 months ago.2
Jovanka used bad language
  • Jovanka has calmly endured abuse and name-calling from homophobic residents at council meetings.3 She shared her feelings about this abuse with a (white) acquaintance, asking him how he would feel if someone called him a ‘cracka who deserved to die.’ She was using an analogy to show how hurtful such attacks are. She wrote, “My God, that feels so awful to even write for effect.” Chevron got hold of the email and quoted pieces of it out of context.
The budget is a mess
  • Richmond’s budget suffered because of the recession and Chevron’s fire. Between 2007 and 2012, our revenue fell because property values dropped 53.4%.4 But we controlled expenses, and now our assessed values have started to rise again—up 9% over 2013. We have an A+ credit rating. Our finances have been managed well and we still have a rainy day fund.
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