Ada Recinos for City Council

Ada Recinos was appointed to the Richmond City Council on September 5, 2017. In her first months as a council member, she worked to increase civic engagement, seek translation services for council meetings, update the City’s Sanctuary policy, and create a partnership between the City & Calle 23. Ada is currently a nonprofit consultant, with a background in economic development and community organizing.

A Salvadoran-American, Ada is proud of her language and culture.  She is running for Richmond City Council to support community members, especially people of color and youth, who want to steer policies in our city. She focuses on policies to benefit working families because she grew up watching her parents struggle to find good paying jobs and affordable housing.

Ada is committed to serve the City of Richmond, to be an advocate for more jobs & affordable housing, better opportunities for youth, investment in commercial corridors & community art, and keeping parks clean.

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Ada Recinos Candidate Statement

I was born to parents who emigrated from El Salvador. I grew up in an entrepreneurial family, with a lot of dreams, but not a lot of resources. Because of this, I know that investment in our community, especially youth, is important to move our city and country forward.

I graduated from UCSC with a degree in Global Information and Social Enterprise Studies and was a first-generation student. I work at EcoViva as the Communications and Outreach Manager, working around economic development, climate change and migration in Central America and previously I was the Financial Sustainability Director for Prospera, an organization that partners with entrepreneurial Latinas to build cooperatives.

I an Alumna of the Congressional Hunger Center Emerson Fellowship, Hispanics in Philanthropy Next Generation Latino Leadership and NALCAB Colegio programs. My work and passion has centered around organizing immigrants, renters, and women to advocate for their rights & progressive legislation.

I was appointed to the City Council in 2017. Before my appointment, I served on the city’s Human Rights and Human Relations Commission, as Vice Chair and then Interim Chair, for nearly 2 years.  I have also worked with low-income, immigrant families and tenants for over 6 years, developing programs to connect them with stable housing and greater economic opportunities. It would be my honor to continue serving as your City Councilmember.  

Since my appointment, I have worked with various stakeholders to:

  • Introduce a resolution to adopt the state’s “Buy Clean” policy, so that the city buys only environmentally-friendly construction materials.
  • Formalize a partnership between the city and the those working to develop the small businesses on 23rd Street.
  • Advocate for affordable housing and rent control.     
  • Serve on the ad-hoc committee to select our new City Manager.
  • Increase community engagement in development projects.

As the daughter of immigrants, I was also proud to:

  • Update our “Sanctuary City” policy to prohibit using city funds to cooperate with ICE.
  • Pressure the Sheriff to end the ICE contract at the detention center.
  • Co-sponsor an ordinance to sever city contracts with companies who share information with ICE.

My priorities include training Richmonders for high-paying jobs, increasing affordable housing for all income levels, creating opportunities for youth, developing our commercial corridors, providing community art opportunities and keeping our streets clean and safe.

I accept no corporate contributions because my only loyalty is to the people of Richmond. My vision for this city is a mixture of the talent I already see everyday, and the opportunity to do even better. My vision involves all of your voices at the table, because our success is only possible when we work together.