BeyondChron: Chevron Goes Another Round With Richmond

Mike Parker is featured in a BeyondChron article about Chevron and the battle for Richmond.  Written by Steve Early, labor journalist and author of Save Our Unions, the article shows how Parker leads the community in standing up to Chevron and its billions of dollars.

From the article:

During the protracted local debate about refinery modernization issues, Parker was a frequent speaker at public hearings in Richmond... Testifying on behalf of the Richmond Environmental Justice Coalition, at a packed council session on July 22, Parker pointed out that any shift for the better in Chevron’s stance was due to community pressure—and more was still needed.

The article goes on to quote Parker's speech at the July 22 Council Meeting:

“Every year now, Chevron pumps into the air thousands of tons – think of that, visualize that – thousands of tons of pollutants, 500 tons of particulates, and others. Unfortunately, the city has very little everyday legal leverage in getting Chevron to reduce these pollutants. Now, in setting conditions for this project, it is the one time that the City has the ability to require cooperation from Chevron on pollution control. Now we have the legal leverage, and if we don’t do it now, when will we ever do it?”

On Chevron's involvement in the upcoming mayoral election:

Chevron’s preferred candidate for mayor in this year’s elections is not Parker, of course—but an 82-year old African-American Democrat named Nat Bates.  ... In a recent interview, Bates hinted that Richmond voters will soon be getting... bulk mail warnings [from Chevron-backed groups] about Mike Parker. “You’ll be hearing a lot more about him, “ Bates vowed. “He’s a complete nut.”

Let's show Bates that it takes more than the help of a giant corporation's smear campaign to be mayor of Richmond.  Volunteer or donate today to Build a Better Richmond with Mike Parker for Mayor.

 You can read the whole article here:

Mike Parker speaks at July 22 City Council Meeting