Eduardo Martinez for City Council

Eduardo Martinez was elected to the Richmond City Council in 2014, defeating a $262,000 campaign sponsored by Chevron to discredit his name.  His successful campaign was fueled by small donations and grassroots door knocking. In the four years that he has served on the City Council, Eduardo has supported a stronger police review process, a minimum wage increase, rent stabilization, and the transfer of public monies from jail expansion to public services for the integration of returning inmates.

Eduardo was a teacher in the WCCUSD from 1993 until his retirement in 2010.  Having taught many types of students, he learned of the needs and the challenges faced by our youth in an educational system and society that has failed to prioritize them. He challenged pedagogy and curriculum that failed to address the individual needs of communities and students and developed solutions. As a result he became the recipient of the Kenneth S. Goodman "In Defense of Good Teaching" Award.

A strong supporter of the rights of all immigrant workers and their families, Eduardo is currently the chair of the East Bay Sanctuary Covenant.

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Eduardo Martinez Candidate Statement

I’m asking for your vote to be re-elected to the Richmond City Council, where I’m currently serving (2014-2018). Together, we can continue making Richmond safe, healthy, and thriving.

The people of Richmond have been my priority for over 25 years. I’m a retired WCCUSD teacher, having taught in local elementary schools for 18 years. I served on several city commissions before being elected to the City Council. I am part of the progressive movement that has transformed our city over the last 15 years. We are better now. Let's build on our progress to include each and every Richmond family.

I take no money from corporations and Richmond's voters have my full loyalty.

In the council I will continue to vote for:

  • A living wage and more local employment
  • Supporting small and local businesses
  • Defending renters’ rights and homeowners’ rights
  • Promoting safety and inclusion for immigrant families
  • Defending public education, programs for the youth, and adult education
  • Demanding police accountability and transparency
  • Reducing emissions from the Chevron refinery and other sources
  • Cleaning up Richmond’s toxic industrial sites
  • Improving our streets, parks, bicycle paths, and walkable neighborhoods
  • Expanding renewable energy projects
  • Protecting our shoreline against bad development
  • Creating places for us all to learn and play

My door will always be open, because your ideas are important to me.

We are advancing together towards a better Richmond, because “once social change begins, it cannot be reversed.” (Cesar Chavez)