Eduardo Responds, 9/16

Just as they did in 2012, recent hit-pieces have accused me of being an anarchist. And again, they are using a Halloween costume photo from my old facebook page in an attempt to scare and confuse Richmond voters. Now they are tying me to the Occupy Oakland movement, too.

I believe in the basic message of Occupy: That the needs of the 99% should be met and that the power and influence of the richest 1% have to be challenged. I did not participate in nor do I approve of any violent activities. Chevron and the other monied interests that oppose me are afraid of this message. They want Richmond to go backwards, to once again become their company town.

As for being an anarchist, this charge should be seen as what it is: ludicrous and desperate. It is completely false. I know that we need government, and I want to contribute to good governance. (Remarks I made at a public forum nearly three years ago have been taken out of context to make up the charge. In them, I said that anarchism would only work if everyone were a perfect person who always acted with self-discipline.)

I am running for an elected public office I believe in. I have voluteered my time and energy to make government work better for the people of Richmond. I co-founded the March4Education, taking our case to Sacramento, and saved our school district millions of dollars in interest payments. For years, I have been active on government committees, commissions, and advisory boards, including the Richmond Planning Commission, the Recreation and Parks Commission, the West Contra Costa Unified School District Community Budget Advisory Committee (where I have been elected Chair), and the Pt. Molate Community Advisory Committee.

Far from wanting to abolish it, I want to improve our government by serving on the Richmond City Council. Please give me your support and vote for me, Eduardo Martinez, in 2014.