Jovanka Beckles Endorses Team Richmond

Whether you vote by mail or at the polls on November 6th, I hope you will join me in supporting:

  • Melvin Willis for Richmond Mayor
  • Eduardo Martinez for Richmond City Council, and
  • Ada Recinos for Richmond City Council. 

I trust these three candidates to carry on the work started by Gayle McLaughlin, myself, and other progressive leaders in our city. 

Melvin, Ada, and Eduardo are endorsed by the Richmond Progressive Alliance, Our Revolution, ACCE, DSA, APEN, SEIU 1021, Lift Up Contra Costa County, the California Nurses Association, the Sunflower Alliance, and many others who support their vision for our city.

Melvin, Ada, and Eduardo are Part of Richmond's History of Reform

I first ran for Richmond City Council in 2008, when many local politicians were still in the pocket of Chevron and other corporations.  When I won a seat on City Council in 2010, Gayle McLaughlin and I were considered radicals because we took no corporate donations, and because we pushed for things like clean air, an end to corporate tax breaks, and a minimum wage for workers in the city.  Everything was a battle.  It wasn't until 2014, when our slate of progressive leaders defeated the Chevron-backed candidates, that we finally had enough votes on City Council to make consistent, positive changes in the city. It was a real step forward for Richmond.

Since then we've used our progressive majority to pass a $15 minimum wage, stop information sharing with ICE, and appoint a strong Rent Board.  Melvin, Ada, and Eduardo were votes in favor of those decisions.  They have plans for developing affordable housing, protecting renters, encouraging small businesses, and holding corporations accountable -- you can read their platform here.  I know from experience that getting that work done requires that we put all three of them in office.

If you are looking for leaders who put people before profit, I believe Melvin, Ada and Eduardo are the real deal.

Jovanka Beckles
Richmond City Council Member
Candidate - Assembly District 15