Mayor Gayle Responds, 9/8

Dear Friends:

Please see below for my response to the recent hit-pieces funded by Chevron. This is the beginning of Chevron's onslaught of hit-pieces that will flood Richmond mailboxes from now until November. Chevron has set aside 1.6 million to try and stop our progressive direction. But we in Richmond are defining our own destiny and will continue to do so.  The road to democracy runs through Richmond! Stay tuned for more updates...


Response to hit-piece

In September, Chevron's "Moving Forward" committee began sending electoral hit-pieces against me, Jovanka Beckles and Eduardo Martinez for City Council. Read the fine-print on these hit-pieces: "Major Funding by Chevron".

Chevron is so desperate to turn back the progressive tides here Richmond, they inundate voters with hit-pieces filled with bold-faced lies. They are betting that a misinformed electorate will vote Chevron-friendly candidates into office—candidates who will rubber-stamp whatever Chevron wants.

A recent hit-piece on me referred to trips that I made as Mayor. To set the record straight:

  • None of the trips mentioned, with the exception of an official Sister City trip, were paid for using City funds. The Sister City trip to Cuba did not exceed the allocated budget approved by the City Council.

  • Over my 8 years as Mayor, I have spent far less than other members of the City Council for travel. I have actually spent a very small amount of my total allocated money for traveling expenses throughout the entire time I have served in office.

Contact Information

phone: (510) 237-1456