What Does Team Richmond Represent?

Chevron is spending $3 million to defeat three candidates, Team Richmond, for the Richmond, CA, City Council. This video introduces Team Richmond and the values they represent. Team Richmond does not accept corporate donations.

Eduardo Martinez Sets the Record Straight

Chevron has spent thousands on mailers, trying to convince you not to vote for me. Since I can't have a personal discussion with each and every one of you, I'd like to take this opportunity to set the record straight. For 25 years, I have worked for and with the people of Richmond to make it a better place.

Re-Elect Jovanka Beckles, Richmond City Council

There is so much good going on in Richmond, Ca. Since progressive leadership has begun in Richmond, we have seen significant positive transformation of our city. Let's continue moving Richmond forward with innovative solutions to the challenges that we face. Chevron is trying to buy the Richmond City Council to avoid paying its fair share of taxes and avoid further scrutiny of its refinery safety. I take no corporate or developer money for my campaign.

Nat Bates Promotes Drivers License Check Points that Target Latinos

Richmond used to be noted for its murder. Now it is noted for how it has reduced violence. Mayoral candidate Nat Bates's main program for safety is to return the city to the policies that build distrust between the largest ethnic group in the city (40% Latino) and the police. Bates is the Chevron candidate for Mayor, who has enabled hate-speech at Council meetings.

Nurses and the Community Want Doctors Medical Center San Pablo Open!

Several hundred nurses, patients (many in wheelchairs), religious and community leaders, and elected officials marched August 5th from Doctors Medical Center in San Pablo to West Contra Costa Health Clinic, where an energetic rally followed.

An array of speakers, from Richmond Mayor Gayle McLaughlin to Pastor Donnell Jones, community organizer from New Direction Ministries in Richmond, spoke passionately about the critical need for keeping DMC and its emergency department open as a full-service, acute-care facility.

The California Nurses Association has endorsed Team Richmond candidates.

If I Had a Billboard

What if you had a billboard? Now you do.