Reprinted from the premiere edition of The Richmond Sun (2.5 MB PDF), and the election edition of The Richmond Sun (1.2 MB PDF).

Voice Of The Voter


Through the dedicated work of Mayor McLaughlin and Councilmember Jovanka Beckles, Richmond has made progress I can be proud of, progress we need to see continue.

-Najari Smith, Downtown

Voice Of The Voter


I like candidates who are willing to fight for real change. I don't think Chevron's candidates care about a fair minimum wage, saving Doctors Medical Center, community policing or involving the community in the schools. And Chevron's candidates sure won't fight pollution!

-Sue Wilson, The Annex

Voice Of The Voter


The City Council can be likened to a musical band that desperately needs help. We have Gayle and Jovanka on lead vocals singing songs in a progressive genre with harmony, color and justice. But Bates and Booze are stuck in an old genre and Rogers is producing disorganized noise. We need a team who will continue to sing Richmond's people's song.

-Jesse Montiel, North & East

Voice Of The Voter


In the hills area we need people in office who care about whether a development makes sense for the surrounding community and for long-term sustainability. The Team Richmond candidates for the past decade have ensured that our voices are not silenced in the face of "big money" or developers. Get Out the Vote!

-Malia Everette Bello, El Sobrante/Richmond

Voice Of The Voter


Dealing with Doctors Hospital is not only a financial crisis, it's a vital issue for our next City Council. I trust the Team Richmond candidates to do everything possible to fight for DMC.

-William Casey, Hilltop

Voice Of The Voter


I don't want Chevron to buy our election. I want a City Council that will stand up for LGBT people, immigrants, healthy air, a clean city, and democracy for our residents.

-Bang Nguyen, North & East

Voice Of The Voter

Vinnel Thomas

It's imperative we keep fighting for DMC, and all three of the Team Richmond candidates have been with us every step of the way.

-Vinnel Thomas, RN, Doctors Hospital

Voice Of The Voter

Kathleen Wimer

Jim Rogers was investigated four times for cheating his clients. I don't want him negotiating for the city. I want Team Richmond and the candidates they endorse-Tom Butt and Jael Myrick. Not Rogers.

-Kathleen Wimer, Point Richmond

Voice Of The Voter

Phil Lawson

I find the hate talk against Councilwoman Jovanka Beckles to be despicable and very dangerous for civil public discussion. It is doubly to be rejected when powerful wealthy powers, such as Chevron, exploit such hate for their financial benefit.

-The Rev. Dr Phil Lawson, Pastor Emeritus, Easter Hill
United Methodist Church, Richmond

Voice Of The Voter

Missy Peebles

Developers need to be watched carefully. In El Sobrante, we're concerned about the Clark Road Project that is threatening one of our last undeveloped hillsides. I trust Team Richmond to stand up for neighbors' interests first.

-Missy Pebbles, El Sobrante/Richmond

Voice Of The Voter


I like Mayor McLaughlin. She's fought hard for safety and quality-of-life improvements throughout Richmond. She's been a strong leader of the Council despite Corky Booze's efforts to disrupt things. The question I ask myself is, "Is Richmond better today than when we moved into the city 10 years ago?" We have less crime, less homicides. We have more parks and trails and bike lanes to ride safely. The Plunge is open and thriving. Our library is open, and the firehouse is staffed. Need I say more?

-Jim Zahradka, Pt. Richmond